Clear Complexion Kit

14 Aug , 2021

Sudden breakouts or blemishes on your skin can often be a detriment. Not only can they make you feel less confident in your appearance, but they are also uncomfortable and bothersome. Arguably, the worst part is that it can feel like an uphill battle when trying to get rid of these problems.

There are a multitude of products on the market that claim to relieve these issues; however, most of these options are ineffective and composed of unnatural ingredients and additives that can often worsen the situation. Defend’er Beauty’s Clear Complexion Kit — a comprehensive trio of high quality skincare products — eliminates these concerns while transforming your skin in spectacular ways.

What is the Clear Complexion Kit?
The Clear Complexion Kit is the toolkit you need to start your journey to clearer skin. Not only do its contents get rid of existing acne and blemishes, but they also build a solid foundation of protection that defends your skin from any further problems.
There are three magnificent products that come along with this starter kit that have been curated around a goal of effectiveness. These are:

The Turmeric Erase Bar
The Turmeric Erase Bar is an organic soap composed of all natural ingredients. Handcrafted with care and precision, each bar is infused with a top caliber of quality that can ensure an ultimate transformation of your skin.
The natural healing properties of turmeric are the force behind this product’s efficacy. The plant is packed with Curcumin — a substance that has been scientifically proven to aid in the prevention and relief of acne, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, dark spots, and scars. Other ingredients, such as Frankincense and Lavender, that complement the Turmeric in the soap contribute to reducing inflammation and bacteria, giving your skin a youthful glow.

The Detox & Glow Face Mask
Along with its two counterparts, this powerful mask is the key to elevating your skincare routine to a new level. Rather than simply targeting the surface of the skin, the Detox and Glow Face Mask provides a deep cleanse that creates an invigorating glow from within.
Its ingredients are delicate, allowing it to be effective for any skin type while still bringing about breathtaking results. From removing existing acne to diminishing the prevalence of dark spots, the face mask can revitalize the complexion of your skin.

The Divine Facial Oil
The Divine Facial oil is the last of the three products included in the kit (but certainly not the least). With a focus on hydration, each oil is created using a light consistency that eliminates the possibility of your pores becoming clogged. Unlike other similar products, the Divine Facial Oil has natural substances such as Papaya that exacerbate its positive effects.

Transform your skin
With Defend’er Beauty’s Clear Complexion starter kit, you will be supplied with everything you need to begin the process of getting the skin you desire. Use the Turmeric soap twice daily and apply the facial oil immediately after these cleansings. The mask should be used three times a week along with the other products to further your results.
Give yourself the opportunity to make oily, blemished skin a thing of the past. Transform your routine and make the most of your skin naturally.